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Training Plus Institute provides comprehensive and cost-effective classroom training programs both for companies and individuals looking to expand their skills in their current professions or looking to take the first step toward new careers. Our integrated learning is a comprehensive approach to training that guides each trainee through all stages of their learning lifecycle. It consists of five components: Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate.

When it comes to classroom learning, it delivers an intense learning experience coupled with active participation encouraged by the Instructor. With the guidance of certified and highly experienced Instructors, trainees also take part in practical and lab based assignments and exercises which reinforce the learning experience with desired skills applied directly during the class.

Through our practical gathering of data and surveying our previous trainees in order to further improve and remain a leader in IT training & development, we have found a strong evidence proving the connection between acquiring certification and career progress, especially in ITC field. There were many occasions where trainee’s career directly prospers as a result of their new certification and skill.

In some cases, the hiring companies directly contact and collaborate with the Training Plus Institute when they are looking for a specific set of skills, after which we connect the trainees from our growing database with the companies in need. More and more employers are actively searching for self-motivated candidates who take the initiative and prioritize skill development, and often give them advantage when it comes to employment. In competitive job markets and professions, especially for entry-level individuals, that extra skill or certificate can give an edge over other candidates with similar educational background. This is why at Training Plus Institute, we make sure to offer the latest, most in demand training programs which equip you with competitive skills that will result in career advancement.

If you are unsure about your next career move or you simply want to know more about current market trends or receive a complete career advice and guidance for fields such as IT, Networking, Design, Engineering etc. please contact us on (+973) 3651 1176 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Subject: Career Advice).