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International Business Skills Diploma

This course will provide candidates with both a practical and theoretical understanding of each subject, equipping them with the soft skills necessary to compete in a modern business environment.  The practical element is achieved through individual and group exercises, as well as tutorials, to engage the candidates and immerse them in the material, thereby providing a working knowledge of the subject area.  The theoretical element is achieved through course books and tutor led sessions, which provide the candidates with a deeper understanding of each subject to reinforce their practical learning.

The first award met by students is Marketing and Customer Service. It focuses on the importance of the customer experience and the vital role it plays in a business’ success. Business Communications is the next award met by students. Effective communication skills are at the forefront of business activity. Various common types of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, are considered and students are introduced to practical ways in which they can improve their communication skills.

Self-Awareness and Personal Development is concerned with the student’s individual personal development. Skills and techniques that will greatly assist their own and their team’s personal development are introduced and practiced. Understanding how to behave professionally is the subject of the Business Etiquette award. This established business convention is an essential skill for a business employee. Business and Finance introduces the student to the basic importance to businesses of correctly making use of available resources. The award begins by ensuring that students are aware of the most common business language before considering particular resources and concludes by equipping the student with some basic financial planning techniques.

As all managers are aware, dealing with employees is one of the most difficult soft skills. The People Skills in Business award looks closely at some of the key issues that arise when dealing with people and equips students with the fundamental skills required to deal with team issues and conflicts that may arise. Employees making best use of their time is the subject of the Time Management in Business award. This award is designed to ensure that students are aware of current time management techniques and the most common time wasting activities that occur in businesses.

The final award in the programme is IT for Business. It is of course now essential that IT skills are prevalent throughout an organization and the use of information technology in business is fundamental to the success of a business. This award explores some of the more common technologies in everyday business and gives students an understanding of the technical and management skills required in the rapidly changing IT and business environment.


Principles of Business and Finance (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of Business Communication (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of Information Technology for Business (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of Marketing and Customer Service (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of People Skills in Business (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of Self Awareness and Personal Development (SCQF Level 7)

Principles of Time Management in Business (SQCF Level 7)

Principles of Business Etiquette (SCQF Level 7)

Note: Each Module can also be taken as an independent program or merged in different combinations as per the learning requirements.


IBS professional Exam


160 Hours (20 Hours per module)


Students who successfully complete the programme will be able to appreciate and develop skills in a broad range of topic areas that are relevant to everyday business.


1. Introduction to common business terminology

 Legal structures for business

 Making use of resources

 Basic financial planning

 Managing a business

2. What is meant by Business Etiquette?

 Professional and Cultural Expectations

 Acting in a Professional Manner

 Communicating Electronically in a Professional Manner

 Business Ethics

3. Who are your customers?

 Why is the customer experience important?

 Meeting customer expectation

 Communicating with customers

 Organizing your day

4. Understanding IT and e-commerce

 IT Strategy

 Maximizing the Benefits of Technology

 Common Business Applications

 Data Protection and Security

5. Why Time Management?

 Self-Management of Time

 Eliminating Time Wasting Activities


 Effective Personal Time Management

6. What is meant by Business Communication?

 Effective and Ineffective Communication

 Overcoming Barriers to Communication

 Business Team Meetings

 Improving Your Personal Communication Skills

7. Understanding Self Awareness & Personal Development

 Self Improvement

 Positive Attitude and Awareness

 Selling Techniques

 Building Effective Business Relationships

8. The Vital Role of People Skills in an Organization

 Self-Management and Differences

 Dealing with Conflict

 Team Work



Students and professionals wishing to improve their career prospects and business skills


International Business Skills are globally recognized soft skills that are learned and delivered through the use of approved courseware. This courseware has been developed to prepare candidates from all walks of life with the necessary soft skills required to progress onto higher professional or academic qualifications.

IBS offer real world, non-industry specific qualifications, which can be used by candidates to improve job prospects and prove their commitment to developing a deeper understanding of business as a whole. IBS provides business soft skills training, complete with certification, enabling anyone with the drive and determination to gain professional qualifications in business.


Business Basics & Finance

Business Communication

Business Etiqutte

Customer Service

IT for Business

People Skills

Time Management

Self Awareness & Personal Development

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