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Interchange Fourth Edition is a three-level series for adult and young-adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The course has been revised to reflect the most recent approaches to language teaching and learning. This edition offers updated content in every unit, grammar practice, and opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills.

Interchange level 2 30 hours

Level 2 builds on the foundations established in the Intro level for accurate and fluent communication, extending grammatical, lexical, and functional skills.


  • Writing short descriptions, emails.
  • Distinguishing the difference in use of the tenses

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Please call me Beth
  • Unit 2: What do you do?
  • Unit 3: How much is it?
  • Unit 4: I really like hip-hop
  • Unit 5: I come from a big family
  • Unit 6: How often do you exercise
  • Unit 7: We had a great time
  • Unit 8: What’s your neighborhood like?
  • Unit 9: What does she look like?
  • Unit 10: Have you ever ridden a camel?
  • Unit 11: It’s a very exciting place
  • Unit 12: It really works
  • Unit 13: May I take your order?
  • Unit 14: The biggest and the best
  • Unit 15: I’m going to a soccer match
  • Unit 16: A change for the better

Course Objectives:

  • Using Simple present & Wh-questions
  • Talking about past events
  • Distinguish modal verbs
  • Talking about plans for the future

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