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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a software application for creating drawings, illustrations, and artwork. Illustrator is widely used by graphic designers, web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators throughout the world to create high quality artwork. Illustrator includes many sophisticated drawing tools that can reduce the time need to create illustrations. Adobe Illustrator is used to create a variety of digital and printed images, including cartoons, charts, diagrams, graphs, logos, and illustrations. Illustrator allows a user to import a photograph and use it as a guide to trace an object in the photograph. This can be used to re-color or create a sketch-like appearance of a photograph. Illustrator also makes it possible to manipulate text in many ways, making Illustrator a useful tool for creating postcards, posters, and other visual designs which use text and images together. Illustrator’s ability to place text around a curve is especially useful for artists creating logos. Illustrator is also used in designing mock-ups which show what the website will look like when it’s completed, and creating icons used within apps or websites.

This course was designed to teach you what you need to know to use Adobe Illustrator. If you've used prior versions before, this course will show you how to navigate the newest release and use the updated features. However, if you've never used Illustrator before, this course will start out with the very basics and work its way into the advanced features so, that by the time you're finished, you will be able to proficiently use Illustrator to create your projects.

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20 Hours



Graphic designer, Art director, Visual Merchandiser, Mockup designer



  • Students and professionals who want to learn Graphic design
  • Mockup designers
  • Image Studio Workers



Basic Windows Operating system knowledge



  • Demonstrate drawing and transforming objects
  • Working with shapes and objects
  • Working with type in Illustrator
  • Using gradients, pattern fills, and blends, points, and path
  • Using Illustrator effects and symbols
  • Making and saving selections
  • Working with color
  • Drawing and painting techniques in Illustrator



Module 01: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Module 02: Working With Documents

Module 03: Explore grids, ratios and rules

Module 04: Drawing and Transforming Objects

Module 05: Making and Saving Selections

Module 06: Working with Shapes and Objects

Module 07: Gradients, Pattern Fills, and Blends

Module 08: Points and Paths

Module 09: Working With Paths

Module 10: Outputting Your Work



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign



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